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Several local people are working hard to set up a community farm in Harrow, based on the bassed on the city farm projects already thriving in London.

Once the project is up and running we will be hoping to reach out to the local community to help us build and run a small holding, as a farm and gardens, providing opportunities for local people to glean a better understanding or agriculture, farming, horticulture and land management. As well as this, we hope the farm will be a nice place for you and your family to come and visit and enjoy.

Below you will find our blog spot with updates on the progress of the farm. On further pages you can put your name down and become a supporter, you can donate money, or materials, or your time to develop our community project further. Or just sign up to receive updates and keep in touch with us.
We hope you will enjoy watching the Farm grow and grow and feel that you are a part of it.

Harrow Community Farm is a member of the Federation of City Farms & Community Gardens (FCFCG).

Latest Update's

Take the Survey

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One of the first question’s we must ask the people of Harrow is do we need, or even want a community farm? Up till now we have had no negative feedback on this idea – from people we meet when were on our stall, talking to local community groups, and asking friends and family, they all say that having a community farm is a great idea – but now to make it official. We need you, your friends, family and neighbours, to each fill in one of our survey’s to let us know what you think about the idea.

Click here for survey

Please click on the link above to open our survey (on surveymonkey). It is important that you answer all of the questions so as we can mould our farm around what our community want.

Many thanks!


Look Around!

Please have a look around our website, you will find our blog spot which we will use to keep to informed of what people at Harrow Community Farm are doing to 'make stuff happen'. This latest update area will have the most recent news and events we are involved in. Other pages can be accessed by clicking on the blue coloured text on the left hand side of the page. There you can also find out how to contact us, get involved, or if you're feeling generous make a donation to our cause (we can claim gift aid now). This farm idea is based on the many successful City Farm projects currently operating across London. We hope to encourage volunteering in the form of mentoring, working groups, and set up projects to build and later maintain our community farm. This farm is intended for members of our local community to get involved and to visit and enjoy. Together we can make it happen so please get involved. Any help or support, no matter how small, will be welcomed with open arms.

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